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P/C Fantastical Android Coupon

Discussion in 'Europe MapleStory General' started by imSmexeh, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. imSmexeh New Member

    Hey, guys!
    Today I bought a bundle of 11 Emerald Mirrors... And among other items, I got 2 Fantastical Android Coupons, 1 femalde and 1 male. Any ideas on price??
    Maple_fantastical anroid f.png Maple_fantastical anroid m.png
  2. PepsiBandit Moderator

    I know the female one used to be 1b or so but I'm not sure about now. I guess just scan the fm a lot. I have a feeling its 300-400m but I'm not certain.
  3. imSmexeh New Member

    Okay, I'll check ;) Thanks!

    Edit: I have seen 2 female ones in a shop for 250m each, unsold D: Have also gotten 2 offers on 100m each by spamming in FM... :(
    Last edited by imSmexeh, Feb 1, 2013
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  4. PhaseThirteen Member

    Congratulations, you got lucky there mate!

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